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Why Choose FAC?

Set Yourself Apart from the Perceived Greed of Wall Street

As a financial advisor, your most valuable asset is the trust your clients place in you. At FAC, we focus on helping our advisors build and maintain that trust by offering innovative, cost-efficient investment solutions with the complete transparency of a dedicated fiduciary. Here's how we do it:

FAC offers a unique independent hybrid arrangement that includes a world-class broker/dealer, along with an innovative RIA platform. This separates our advisors from the pressures and biases of Wall Street investment firms and provides the transparency their clients gravitate to. 

Our QT Core patented Allocations have a proven performance record. They address your clients' full lifecycle of investment needs (from growth to retirement income) and offer a range of investments that account for varying levels of risk tolerance. FAC handles all the day-to-day asset management, including monthly performance reporting and annual compliance notifications. This frees you from the burdens of day-to-day account management and gives you time to dedicate to building your client relationships.

FAC reveals all fees, in a clear and transparent manner, putting our advisors on the right side of the fiduciary line. Wall Street investment firms often hide their fees to the point that many individual investors — and even many advisors — are not aware of what their products actually cost. Lawmakers and advocacy groups are currently pushing hard to make these fees more transparent. We have found that clients do not mind paying for their asset management services. What they do mind is paying buried fees for holdings they may not even know they have. These buried fees create non-transparency  in the advisor-client relationship. Working with FAC, you avoid that uncomfortable and potentially costly situation entirely.

With FAC, any account service on the RIA side is just a phone call or text away. And you have the ability to deduct your hourly rate for financial planning services directly from your clients' accounts. Couple this with FAC’s higher payouts and you know why our advisors receive better compensation than their colleagues. Additionally, new FAC advisors may bring over their existing clients on a non-proprietary in-kind basis using FAC’s paperless transfer process. And with minimum account balances of only $25,000, you have greater flexibility to make money on smaller accounts.

We simplify your business by offering turn-key marketing tools, regular compliance reporting, and historical performance tracking. FAC gives advisors a proven process and a clear story that clients understand and want to be a part of. 

At FAC, we are honored to play a supportive role in helping your clients reach their investment goals. We know they trust you, and we want to help you honor that trust by maintaining the highest levels of fiduciary care. We do all this while lowering their fees and increasing your compensation.

To learn more about how FAC can help you, contact us today.