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Profit-Building Opportunities

When you join FAC, we give you access to our transparent and direct platforms, enabling you to receive much higher compensation while reducing your own and your clients’ costs. But that is only the beginning. In addition to these unique benefits, we also give our advisors other proprietary means for improving profits. These processes allow FAC’s advisors to share in our top-line income — a benefit most industry firms only share with their top-tier executives and stockholders. 

By becoming an FAC Servicing Advisor, or SA, you can receive generous service-fee compensation while building your own personal book of business. There are two ways to take advantage of this unique benefit: RIA Sub-Advisory Agreements and FAC's Retiring or Transitioning Advisors Program.

RIA Sub-Advisory Agreements

FAC offers proprietary RIA Sub-Advisory Agreements in which we carve out specified portions of the RIA’s book and 1) manage their clients’ assets, and 2) handle all aspects of servicing the accounts. This unique arrangement greatly benefits existing RIAs by increasing their net income and allowing them to re-direct their resources to other more profitable parts of their practice.

Unlike other sub-advisory agreements, ours provides complete protection of the RIA’s client resources. FAC’s independent custodian actually takes constructive receipt of the assets (protected by contract), enabling far greater efficiencies in both asset management and service. This innovative arrangement improves the RIA’s bottom line because it includes hands-on client service, enrollment, and communication at no additional cost. 

Servicing Advisors who have RIA Sub-Advisory agreements with FAC are paid long-term servicing fees on their RIA Sub-Advisor books. These fees are based on a percentage of FAC’s net income base, enabling our advisors to support our growth and share in our profits, while at the same time building their own books.  

FAC’s Retiring or Transitioning Advisors Program

FAC's Retiring or Transitioning Advisors program assists our advisors in creating mutually profitable relationships with one of the most under-served groups in the industry: Transitioning Advisors (TAs). As senior partners at the country’s financial firms approach retirement, many are faced with paltry retirement packages that do not offer fees on referrals or protection for their families and clients. Our program enables TAs to receive 3 to 4 times what Wall Street firms typically pay for their practices. At the same time, it provides an opportunity for our younger advisors to become Servicing Advisors (SAs) to these large, established books of business. SAs conduct joint meetings with the TA and his or her clients and — under FAC’s contract — retain all referrals from these clients to add to their own personal books.

This neutral approach puts Servicing Advisors in the driver’s seat, as they become the main contact person and the “go to” advisor for both service and referrals. They reap consistent long-term service income and improve their own client retention. For Servicing Advisors, our program is like having an uncle in the business. FAC buys out the TA, manages the assets, and pays the Servicing Advisor a generous service fee that is a percentage of FAC’s income base. Most importantly, the Servicing Advisor has exclusive access to referrals, which eventually become part of his or her own personal book.

Ancillary Books of Business

FAC enters into long-term contractual arrangements to service the TA’s entire book, therefore the Servicing Advisor is also paid additional service fees to take care of all the ancillary broker/dealer type business, which we call Ancillary Books of Business, or ABBs. The SA is paid a percentage of what FAC makes, which is a percentage of the actual renewal fees on these books. The SA may also receive attractive payouts through FAC’s RIA and broker/dealer arrangements for any new business written. During an eight-year buyout period, the TA keeps his or her name in the process, but typically plays a minimal role in the management of the accounts once the initial transition of the book concludes. At the end of eight years, the TA’s book becomes the SA’s book, under FAC platforms and broker/dealer arrangements.

Planning for the Unexpected

Because our Retiring or Transitioning Advisors program involves a longer-term arrangement with other advisors and firms, we believe our Servicing Advisors should be protected against the unexpected. If the Servicing Advisor dies, becomes disabled, or decides to retire, FAC gives him or her the option to convert to the same compensation program as the Transitioning Advisor. Please see FAC’s Transitioning Advisors Agreements for additional insight. 

FAC’s Retiring or Transitioning Advisors program brings retiring advisors and younger advisors together for the mutual long-term benefit of both parties and the clients involved. TAs receive enhanced retirement benefits and the assurance that their clients are receiving the best possible care. At the same time, SAs are able to capture attractive servicing fees, while generating referrals and growing their own books of business.