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Fully Disclosed Fees

Typical Wall Street processes hide fees within multiple-page schedules and prospectuses, so clients never see ALL their costs in real dollar amounts. In most cases, only the advisor's fees are listed in dollar amounts, and many clients mistakenly assume these include all their costs. 

IMPORTANT!!!: Please note that the fees listed within FAC's Client Fee Schedule are ALL IN or ALL INCLUSIVE. We do not utilize ETFs, mutual funds, or third-party managers, which in most cases add not only additional fees, but many other non-transparent costs and platform inefficiencies that are hidden within their share prices. Literally every cent of FAC's costs are disclosed in dollar amounts, except where expressly indicated otherwise.
Please be aware of ALL your costs when engaging with your advisors. Most importantly, know the type of "investment products" you will be investing in and ALL of their internal costs. First Advisors Capital, Inc. is a "No Product Zone." Please be aware of the difference!

In pursuit of greater transparency, FAC plainly discloses ALL clients costs in real dollar amounts every quarter, 10 days before the deductions are made. Furthermore, all of FAC's management and custodial costs are listed on a single page in our Fee Schedule.

Some of our long-standing clients may have been grandfathered in under a lower fee schedule. Please log in to Folio Institutional or contact your advisor if you have any questions regarding your particular fee schedule.