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Reinvesting Fractional Share Dividends

At FAC, we separate ourselves from the industry's multilayered, nontransparent third-party management processes by taking our clients directly to their individual securities and enabling them to avoid unnecessary management costs.

In addition, FAC offers fractional share holdings, meaning we allow our clients to hold less than one share (up to 5 decimal points) of any individual security. This feature is especially beneficial to clients wishing to reinvest fractional share dividends. By reinvesting these dividends, FAC creates an automatic dividend reinvestment program, or DRIP. We enable our clients to maximize the compounding effect of dividend reinvestment by buying more shares when the price falls and fewer shares when the price rises. All this is done with NO transaction-driven fees, ticket charges, or additional costs, so our investors truly benefit. (Exchange Traded Funds [ETF]s, which play a minor role in some FAC Models, may carry additional fees.) In addition to providing greater dividend reinvestment opportunities, FAC also accepts lower minimum investments ($25,000) as well as "in kind" assets.

In keeping with our value-based investment philosophy, good quality dividend stocks make up the core of our professionally managed Allocations. Our unique ability to allow fractional share dividend reinvestment and accept low minimums sets FAC apart from other investment firms and offers our clients significant advantages.