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Why CPAs Choose FAC

Protect Your Fiduciary Duty to Your Clients

As a CPA, your clients have entrusted you to help maintain their financial well-being. Because they know you as an expert who cares about them, it's no surprise that they come to you for help with their investments.

But how do you offer financial advisory products and services while maintaining the high fiduciary standard required of a CPA? FAC has the answer. Our innovative platform ensures complete transparency, which is especially critical in today's investment environment, where professional greed has led to widespread wariness among investors. Our Allocations empower CPAs to give their clients comprehensive investment choices without compromising their fiduciary duty. In fact, FAC’s proprietary client Allocations address the full lifecycle of client investment needs and risk/beta ranges from accumulation (growth) through retirement distribution (income). 

With so many CPAs getting into the business of financial advice, we believe it's only a matter of time before those who blurred the lines of fiduciary liability will be made to pay the price. Some CPAs may not even be aware of how their actions could be seen as cloudy, but lawmakers and their supporters are not likely to be lenient on those who have not strictly upheld their clients' best interest.

Listed below are just some of the fiduciary based benefits CPAs and their clients receive when they engage with FAC.

1) No non-transparent "products." Clients are taken directly to their own individual securities on a fractional share basis, up to five decimal points, including dividend reinvestment.

2) FAC discloses ALL asset management costs on a single page document, without a complex prospectus or convoluted disclosure. All costs are billed in dollar amounts quarterly in advance. Any other non-dollar disclosures would fail to meet FAC's fiduciary standards. Just ask the Department of Labor.

3) By partnering with FAC, you partner with a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and bonded fiduciary with principals and advisors who have at least 30 years of wealth management experience that comply with the Certified Financial Analysis board of standards.

4) All FAC non-qualified accounts have continual applied Tax Alpha...a proprietary accounting-based application where NQ accounts are tax harvested throughout each calendar year. We have the unique exclusive ability to go inside our Direct Index Models (DIMs) and sell losses without having to sell the entire DIM. This means we can harvest losses without taking clients out of the market or subjecting them to wash sells. All this is implemented on behalf of your clients. Talk about making your firm unique!

5) All FAC's offerings are non-commission based, with no upfront costs or surrender penalties, and they are offered in three distinct risk profiles: Conservative, Moderate, and Growth.  

6) FAC publishes all historical returns and metrics for our offerings. 

7) FAC accepts clients' in-kind holdings with balances as low as $25,000 for placement into their actively managed platforms. 

8) FAC not only manage clients' assets, but also services the accounts, providing all required disclosures, distributions, and performance reporting with no additional cost to the CPA.

9) FAC allows each CPA to utilize any third-party management they wish with the highest pay-outs in the industry, while handling all compliance, disclosures, E&O, and marketing.

If you think your clients deserve only the highest fiduciary standards and truly professional comprehensive asset management, we invite you to contact our CEO Jon Lindberg at 1-866-353-8484 or We invite you to challenge the norm and place yourself on a higher fiduciary standard that includes humility and southern hospitality. Make a difference by being different.