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Fact Sheets and Performance

QT Core Allocations 
Q3 2017 Fact Sheet

Alpha Index Allocations 
Q3 2017 Fact Sheet
FAC offers six proprietary Allocations, including our flagship QT Core and Alpha Index Allocations. Our offering allows clients to choose from Conservative, Moderate, or Growth risk profiles. We also give them complete Tax Alpha, meaning we annually harvest taxes on individual securities within each of our Direct Index Models (DIM)s. We reap the tax benefits of individual losses without selling the entire DIM. Can you do this with your ETFs?

Each quarter, we publish a Quarterly Fact Sheet for each family of Allocations.

These documents show the statistical make-up, methodology, historical performance, volatility and beta for each allocation or strategy. 

Please use the links above to access these documents.

You may also be interested to see Morningstar's research on FAC's QT Core Allocation and Alpha Index Allocations. Morningstar applies its own analysis of our innovative offerings, giving our clients third-party insight into FAC's methodologies. Please contact us if you would like to review the Morningstar research on our offerings.