First Advisors Capital, Inc

Principal / CEO

(205) 991-8484

For over 30 years, FAC has independently represented clients through many market cycles and conditions. As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we have a fiduciary duty to put our clients’ interests above our own, in every situation. We fulfill that obligation by providing financial service that is Innovative, Transparent, and Direct.

FAC’s patented custodial platform offers an innovative low-cost framework through which our management team pursues attractive market returns while preserving capital and managing risk. We employ the best of Wall Street research, along with our own proprietary methods, to put our clients in a position to succeed financially. 

Above all, we prize transparency. We believe our clients have a right to understand exactly what they’re invested in, why it makes sense for them, and what they’re paying for it. Not only that, we give them real-time access to view their holdings, review management transactions, and track asset performance. 

We believe our Innovative, Transparent, and Direct approach provides a level of financial service unique in the industry. 

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